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About Us

Friends of the Savannah River Basin, Inc. is a nonpartisan, nonprofit corporation. Our mission is to provide to the public stewardship and conservation of the air, lands, and waters of the Savannah River Basin through charitable, educational, scientific, and legal support; and to lessen the burden of the local, state and federal governments. We accomplish out mission through government relations outreach and lobbying, fundraising (donations are not tax-deductible), grant-making, monetary contributions to approved projects, scientific research, legal research and actions, public education, and assistance to governments within the basin.

The Savannah River Basin covers about 10,000 square miles. Its journey starts in the lush North Carolina mountains below the Eastern Continental Divide. The River winds between the borders of South Carolina and Georgia flowing past historic, colonial Savannah into the Atlantic Ocean. Along the way are unmistakable signs of human progress and abundant natural beauty. Friends of the Savannah River Basin views the basin area as a body and will always take into consideration how each part affects humans and nature in the entire area.

Let us know your interest in joining our conservation efforts by reaching us through our Contact Us page.