Projects, Causes, Efforts & Issues



Save the Pool is a Facebook Group of Georgia and South Carolina residents who want to preserve the Central Savannah River Area water (pool) levels. Join the discussion!



SavannahRiver dot Org not only wants to preserve the river levels but presents solutions for moving the endangered Shortnose Sturgeon while making the Lock and Dam self-sustaining.

Savannah River Sentinel


Savannah River Sentinel asks its readers, " Want facts, research, communication and advocacy on the important issues facing the Lock & Dam, the Pool and the River as a whole? " They work to deliver.

Save the Middle River


Save the Middle River outlines some of the history of the Corps of Engineers failings in dealing with the Lock and Dam. They want you to contact your Members of Congress and Get Involved!

Remove the Wreck


 The downtown and riverfront communities of Augusta, GA and North Augusta, SC need help removing a wrecked boat abandoned along the Savannah River in 2013. It is a danger and an eyesore. Make a donation at our GoFundMe page link just below.